I’ve been blessed. My life has been shaped by curiosity and positive thinking. “I wonder what’s inside?” and “let’s not contemplate what could possibly go wrong”. Fortunately (so far) nothing (very) bad has happened.


I began travelling in my late teens. I travelled the length and breadth of Britain and Europe, mostly by road. After Europe, I travelled the world. I’m not rich, I just got the right jobs.

One of the companies I worked for employed Filipinos. I made some very good friends. They invited me to their homes and wanted me to meet their families. And so my relationship with Asia began.

I arrived in Thailand just as the anti-government protests were starting in 2013 and have been here ever since.


Bangkok during the political unrest made me realize my phone camera was woefully inadequate. I bought my first ‘real’ camera… a Fuji super zoom bridge. Second-hand too I might add.

Although highly delighted with the results, the limitations became apparent as I became more skilful and creative. I bought my first DSLR.

It was never my intention to get into photography. I just wanted to take decent pictures… but tweaking brightness and colour somehow progressed to LightRoom processing.


  • Favourite country: Norway
  • Bucket list destination: North Korea
  • Best road trip: North Cape, Norway to Malta
  • Most impacting visit: Auschwitz II–Birkenau, Poland
  • Best memory: Totally crazy night out in Port of Spain, Trinidad
  • Worst experience: Getting arrested at gunpoint in Angola
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