I'm an expat amateur photographer living in Thailand.

Here you'll find some of my work.

Instagram got too creepy, so I deleted my account. I'm not holding my breath on Flickr either.

So here we are.

Daily Life in Asia
In this project, I try to capture the feel of everyday life in Asia.
Thailand Trains
Thailand's railway network is old and outdated. Usually it's quicker to take the bus.
But changes are afoot... new stations, new locomotives and more.

Obviously good news for travellers. Progress comes at a price though.

With this project, I try to capture the character of Thailand's railways which is progressively being lost forever.
Street Photography
A gallery of Street Photography from around Asia
The 2020 Coronavirus pandemic stopped me in my tracks. By April, all travel was halted.

This was an opportunity to sort some old pictures of interesting things I'd seen along the way.

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The Nine Emperor Gods Festival begins on the eve of ninth lunar month of the Chinese calendar.

This exciting festival in not for the faint-hearted.


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About me
I've been blessed.
My life has been shaped by curiousity and positive thinking. "I wonder what's inside?" and "let's not contemplate what could possibly go wrong". Fortunately (so far) nothing (very) bad has happened.
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