It’s not street photography. In this project, I try to capture the feel of everyday life in Asia.

Small motorbikes (100-125cc) are often the only means of family transport in Asia. Complete with luggage and chickens, this family of 5 were travelling through Vientiane in Laos. I tried to ask the guy about their journey but he couldn’t speak English.


In Thailand it’s common for young men to spend time in the temple as Buddhist monks. It’s a big event for the family with many rituals. The walk to the temple is lively with music, dancing and alcohol.


One of the most troubling things in Thailand is the total disregard for personal safety on motorcycles. Crash helmets are rarely worn. Parents carry babies and toddlers stand on the seat or in front of the rider… also without crash helmets. The Buddhist belief when you die, you come come back again doesn’t help. Nor does the Thai logic if you lose a child, it’s easy to make another.


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